JW CORTES shares the STAND UP FOR HEROES 2013 stage with the legendary Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and his wounded warriors band led by renowned band leader G. E. Smith of Saturday Night Live. JW belts out his rendition of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come" to a packed audience of 5,000+ in New York City's Madison Square Garden. 

Read what ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE had to say about his performance:


JW CORTES is an award winning actor/activist, former US Marine and Iraq War Veteran who was recently named by LATINO LEADERS MAGAZINE as one of 2013's twenty-five most influential Latinos in New York. A graduate of the prestigious William Esper Studio he has created a body of work encompassing theater, film & television but he is probably best known for his work as an Operative on NBC's fierce reality television show STARS EARN STRIPES. During season one he had the pleasure of training, mentoring and executing training missions with celebrities Terry Crews, Laila Ali, Dean Cain and Todd Palin. He is the proud father of two boys, a lucky husband and loving owner of an American Bulldog named BLUE.

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS.  Jason Cruz (JW Cortes) is an Iraq war veteran arrested amidst allegations of murdering unarmed Iraqi children. Jason attempts to detach himself from his unsuspecting family in an effort to save them from his pang of conscience. His bride, Kayla (Giselle Forte) discovers simultaneously with the audience what exactly has put Jason and his family in the most challenging and trying situation of their lives.

Official Trailer for the critically acclaimed short film "Conscientious Objector."

JW Cortes Demo Reel 2013, Edit by Cristina Rodriguez.

Actor/Activist JW Cortes of NBC's "Stars Earn Stripes" joins Host General Wes Clarke & Actor/Producer Dean Caine at NBC's Rockefeller Center for their Media Tour.

JW Cortes sings the National Anthem for various events throughout the tri-state area.


Yovanny Polanco's newest music video "Como Funciona El Amor" features JW Cortes as the male lead actor.  The video was produced by legendary music video director/producer Ulysses Terrero. 

Off the Billboard-acclaimed independent album Near Infinite Possibility, the video for "Everything Becomes Whole" is a visual exploration of one of the many forms of modern day slavery as a relationship turns from loving to abusive. It highlights the psychological dynamics and events that transpire between a victim and the procurer. The female character is objectified and treated by the procurer, as nothing more than a cluster of body parts, which leads to the male character's transformation giving him feelings of grandeur and omnipotence. The female character's impulses are dichotomous, both submissive and illuminating. In her momentary submissiveness, she sends silent sparks of calls for help, but her behavior can be understood as a form of the Stockholm syndrome, with moments of la belle indifference. Her desire to become whole is a metaphor that reinforces the natural inclination of the will to comprehend emotions, even in the state of most dire circumstances, which is predicated by an instinct to preserve human dignity.

Artist: Sarah Fimm
Director - Erik Montovano

Director Danny Hastings called upon JW Cortes to help capture the essence of a Speak Easy bar about to see a bit of its own bar-fight-drama in Toby Loves "Lejos" music video.